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I was recently with a friend who had on these cool looking bracelets. She had on a few different colors and I seemed to remember that they were for some kind of cause.

I asked her about them and she went on to tell me that she had bought in to a club for them – they are from 4Ocean, and yes – they are for a cause.

What is 4Ocean?

4Oceans, she said, was a charity formed by two surfers who were so disturbed by the amount of trash in the ocean they decided to do something about it. They formed the charity and then coupled up with many other organizations all having some relation to water/the oceans.

There are different colors of bracelets for the different causes. But the beads themselves are (supposedly) made out of the plastic that they haul out of the ocean.

I was really intrigued and excited to go home and get on the subscription and start helping these guys clean the oceans!

But like any good citizen I had to research it for myself first, and what I found was loads and loads of controversy over the 4Ocean company.

4Ocean is a Scam

There were many who said this was a scam – that they weren’t actually cleaning the oceans at all, but instead lining their pockets with people’s money. So, I dug deeper…

I tried to find their charity designation – and couldn’t find any corporate formation of the non-profit anywhere. This is typically public and easy to find, even if they formed their charity in another country.

I tried to find their financials, which non-profits typically share, and are also pretty easy to find. And I couldn’t find anything at all, anywhere.

I tried to even find out where they manufacture the bracelets. You know, where the trash goes to be made into beads etc. I only found an address in Bali – but no factory at all. Which is strange because on the boxes that these bracelets come in – it says they originate in Bali – so they would have to be made there.

And then I found a statement from a former employee. She used to work at that mystery address in Bali. Her statement uncovered that her job was in fact to unpack boxes of newly made bracelets, from new materials, from China – and repack them into boxes to go all over the world for sale as having originated in Bali. (ouch…)

On their website they list all of the places they have initiatives going on around the world – but if you click deeper to see what they actually are – there’s only one mysterious one in New York. I tried to see what they actually do, and I couldn’t find any information on what this initiative does, or where they do it aside from an address in New York.

Well… I was disappointed. This seemed like such a cool idea and I always get so excited when there are real people who stand up and take initiative to change the world.

But there must be someone who is actually doing this!

So I started my search for jewelry for a cause and I came across a company that is not mysterious at all! They are easy to research and they really are doing what they say.

It’s called Puravida. They pair up with other organizations and make jewelry (including bracelets) and clothing and all kinds of cool things that all support causes.

Just like the supposed 4Ocean, you can buy bracelets that back up certain causes – but with Puravida, the money will actually get to the causes you are hoping to support.

They are also a member of 1 for the Planet – a group of merchants who are committed to giving 1% of their profits to 1 for the Planet which is another amazing (real) charity.

Just for my readers here’s a special coupon code that will get you 10% off your order of $30 or more: PURAVIDA10

Here are some of the water-related bracelets that you can buy on Puravida to support causes that are near and dear to your heart:

B.E.A.C.H. – Marine Debris Solutions

For the Oceans

Hurricane Dorian Relief

They even have a monthly club just like 4Oceans:

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do – and you can feel good knowing your money is actually going to the charity!

Much love,


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