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Moving your body is the #1 absolute most important key to having good health, and loving the way you look.

Without exercise our bodies retain a lot of the calories we eat, we being to have chronic disease, and we just plain do not feel well or energized. It’s so important to our health to move the body every day.

As time goes by the effects of not exercising can add up. Chronic disease is no fun, but it’s also very expensive and can lead to being on medications which have side effects that can lead to even more illness! Being over weight is also a huge drag on your emotional well-being. Not only can the illnesses that come with not exercising and not being strong make you tired, so can the underlying depression of not being well and fit. Is that really how you want to live your life?

Laying on the couch watching TV or eating whatever you want may be what you want now, but I know it’s not what you want MOST.

There is a better way!

So today let’s begin by just imagining what it would be like if we took more of our time and put it toward exercise and our bodies.

In your journal write out all the ways your life would be better if you took just 30 minutes to an hour each day to do some form of exercise.

You would probably have more energy and your jeans size would start to decrease! Go ahead and list out everything you can think of that you would experience in the next 3-6 months if you started an exercise program of any kind today. Even if that exercise program is just committing to walking 30 minutes each day.

Next I want you to brainstorm the kind of exercise that would be enjoyable to you. Don’t limit yourself. Just think of anything you would actually enjoy doing. Make as long a list as possible. Don’t hold back! (Once you start you will be able to add to this list in the next 6 months because you’re going to be stronger and more able to do more things!)

My hope is that when you are done with these lists you will be so inspired to start exercising and taking a greater interest in your health that you will want to start immediately! So, go take a walk. And don’t just think about exercising – really enjoy yourself so you can see that moving your body in and of itself is also fun.

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