This week I have an unexpected Science and Spirit article for you all!

I usually research online to find a topic worth pursuing, but this time it’s a book that I finally picked up at my local book store.

It’s called E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality, by Pam Grout.

It has to do with the law of attraction, but it puts it into 9 actionable tasks that you can conduct as experiments. Which is… science!

I was hopeful because I already like using the law of attraction and I do believe in it. I do, however, struggle (just like anyone) with my thoughts and staying positive and believing good things are coming before they actually happen.

I could use a boost and this book seems like one of the more practical on the topic.

So I read the first part, and the first experiment.

It was to get really specific and set a deadline for it to happen. Yes! This is good – very precise, no room for confusion!

She you ask the “universe” or God or whatever you want to call it, she calls it the “FP” (after the term Field Potential that physicists like Stephen Hawking, use) – for an unexpected blessing or gift. And it has to come within 48 hours.

There’s even a little worksheet in the book to fill out.

So I filled it out and put my dates and times in for the start and the deadline and got excited to see what would happen.

The reason I decided to share it with you all for the Science and Spirit article this week is because it worked!!

A friend of mine asked me out for a drink to catch up since we had both recently been on trips, and I agreed. At dinner he brought me a gift from his trip to China! (He has never bought me a gift before, ever, and I have never bought him one in all the years we have known each other.) It was a beautiful leather journal.

He said he was walking through a market place and it just popped out at him and he thought of me immediately.


I was so excited! It had really worked. I mean, I was definitely optimistic because of other things like this that have happened in my life with the Law of Attraction, but I have never put it on a deadline before. That was new for me!

Here’s the book if you are interested in trying it yourself!

If you’ve ever wondered if all the talk about the Law of Attraction is real, here’s the chance to find out for yourself!

I will post next week about experiment #2 and let you know what happens next.

Please comment below!

Much love,

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