It seems like we hear about self care a lot right now. So, we are learning how to take better care of ourselves and that we deserve to be cared for by ourselves. Which is wonderful – but there’s more…

Each self care thing that we do has a benefit:

  • Speaking your truth
  • Getting more sleep (or less)
  • Taking a long shower or bath
  • Reading a favorite book
  • Being in nature
  • Meditation
  • Not being so hard on ourselves

The list goes on.

But if you have ever done these things on a regular basis you will start to realize MUCH bigger benefits! People rarely talk about these benefits so I wanted to outline them for you today.

The Big Stuff:

  • A deeper connection spiritually to your higher self/God/divine wisdom/Feeling Whole.
  • Coincidences in your life start to show up everywhere.
  • Things that were out of whack before change and fall into place.
  • You are more able to handle any curve balls life throws at you.
  • Feeling vibrant and more alive.
  • Feeling a deeper sense of connection to your higher purpose/discovering your higher purpose if you haven’t yet.
  • Feeling more joy.

Sadly, these things seem out of reach to a lot of people.

They want to feel more joy, and feel whole, and spiritually connected but those states of being seem elusive – there’s no map to getting there.

Well, I have great news…

This is the map!!!

  1. Self Care over time becomes…
  2. Self Love which then spills over and becomes…
  3. All of the wonderful things in the second list above.

I hope you have an inspired day today. Please share your comments below.



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