Have you ever thought of food being spiritual!? It is!

Food is the NUMBER ONE way that we all take in life force energy to be used by our bodies.

That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to what we are eating. And it’s also why our bodies get out of whack so easily when we ignore this fact – that food is spiritual.

You want to put food into your body that is ALIVE! You need that life energy in your own body to create more life from it.

Your body has a hard time extracting any kind of living energy from food that is highly processed. You can instinctively tell which foods these are.

When you look at processed food like crackers, chips, and other foods that no longer look like they did in nature you can tell that the life energy is not strong.

But when you look at foods that are vividly alive you can tell! When you look at brightly colored vegetables and fruits it’s so apparent that they are alive and FULL of energy that your body can use.

You want to take in as much of that raw energy as possible! It will cure disease, it will regulate your weight, it will increase your energy (duh!)

Our meditation today is going to be to look closely at the foods we eat with our inner eye and feel how each one feels. This will hone your innate ability to see what foods are good for you. It’s been inside you since you were born, handed down in your instincts or we wouldn’t exist as a species.

Get into your meditation position and fully relax by focusing on your breath. Feel each one going in and out. Once you are fully settled and calm picture a box of crackers or chips in your mind. Now imagine opening the box and taking one out. Just feel how it feels. See if you can sense what’s inside it. Just spend some time here. See what you feel and don’t judge it.

Now imagine holding a fresh apple in your hand. Feel how that feels. Notice any differences. Feel the energy of that apple. Sense what’s inside. See what you feel and don’t judge it.

Next let’s imagine some fast food. It doesn’t really matter what it is; a burger or a taco. Hold it in your hand and see what you feel. Sense what’s inside, what is the energy like?

Then pick another fruit or vegetable that you like. See what the difference is. Sense the energy there.

You can do this as much as you like. The first time I did it I felt so good about the fruits and vegetables and other whole foods like eggs and legumes!

If you find that you are drawn to the processed foods it is probably because you have a small addiction to the high sugar and salt that is in these foods. In that case I would do this meditation once per day for a week and see if you start to feel differently about foods.

This meditation isn’t about drastically changing your diet. In fact the focus is not on your “diet” at all. The focus is on your innate ability to choose the right foods for yourself and honing that latent instinct.

We are bombarded every day with images of crunchy, salty and sweet products that companies want us to consume. BOMBARDED!

If we had as much or more imagery hitting us all day long as we go through our lives of whole foods – images of shiny apples and brightly colored vegetables and fruits guess what we would be geared toward eating????????

So this meditation is about reconditioning your mind and waking up that instinct to consume healthy foods.

How did this go for you? Did you enjoy this meditation? Did you do it more than once? Did you notice a change in the foods that you are now drawn to?

Let me know how you feel in the comments!

Peace – Sara

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