This week at Everyday Spiritual we’re focusing on Forgiveness. It turns out that doing a forgiveness meditation can heighten your brain wave activity, inspire creativity, and boost you forward more than any other meditation! (Besides healing a past hurt and letting pain go.)

Here is the MP3 for you:

Forgiveness mini guided meditation

Once you have focused your attention inward, on your breathing, and slowed down to your meditation place I want you to focus on just one person you need to forgive.

Bring up the image of them in your mind.

Think about the event or words that caused you pain.

Spend just a few moments – but no longer than that – and really feel that hurt again.

Next I want you to look at the person who did this. Can you see something in their life that may have caused them to act this way? How was their up-bringing? Do they have struggles or pain in their life? Can you imagine a fear, insecurity or past that would have inspired them to act in the way they did or say what they said?

Once you find a place where you can see something like that about them allow the compassion to come into the place that the pain you were carrying once was. And allow this event or the words that were said to lose their power over you. If you can get all the way to wishing them well or sending them and this event a silent farewell you’ve accomplished a LOT.

You can do this with more than one person, but one person may be enough for one session. I’ve done many in one session, and I’ve also done just one in a session.

You will be amazed at how light you feel once you do this!!

Remember I am not talking about being their best friend again. Nor does it mean they should not have a consequence for their actions or words. It means that the part of you that is holding on to the pain can let go and not feel that hurt anymore. It means the event or words no longer have any control over you. It means you can move on with your life and you don’t have to keep reliving it. It means freedom!

There are quantifiable things that happen in your brain and body when you do this type of meditation. We now know this is the NUMBER ONE best meditation to do. If you only ever did just this meditation every day you would grow spiritually, have insights and clarity and function at higher and higher levels.

I’ll share more about the science behind it on Friday!! I can’t wait!

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