This week on Everyday Spiritual we are exploring Prayer!

Meditation and prayer go hand in hand in my opinion. They may be two halves of a whole.

I often think about prayer being me asking for help or clarity on a situation, and in meditation the answers can come.

If I need something specific I will start with the question. It is generally a question like, “help me see,” or “why is it like this.” And then I go into my meditation. I open to all the possibilities of God or other beings helping me, including my subconscious, guides and guardian angels, and my ancestors. I also take into consideration that there may be other resources that I have no idea exist!

For today’s meditation look back at what you wrote in your journal last Monday from our journal exercise on exploring prayer. Take one of those prayers that you say and start this meditation.

Relax fully holding in your mind the issue you would like guidance on.

Focus on your breath, drawing your attention inward.

When you are fully relaxed offer this prayer to God, your higher power, and any and all help that is available to you in the universe.

Imagine this prayer as your burden and worry of it crossing over into the unseen plane and going out to find the answers – leaving you feeling lighter and hopeful that the answers are now coming back to you.

Once you have completed this just sit in silence and quiet your mind, not hooking into any thoughts that come up but instead just noticing them and letting them pass. Do not actively try to keep your mind clear, just don’t actively get wrapped up in the thoughts that do come. Be the observer and just notice what happens as the observer.

A lot of times the thoughts and emotions that arise will help you in some way, especially if you hold yourself in this place once you send out the prayer for 20-30 or more minutes. You need to allow enough time for the answers to reach the surface of your mind.

Sometimes this means that you need to allow fear to subside. Notice the fear and you can say, “this is experiencing fear,” and just let it be. You will notice a lot of relief just in being the observer of the fear instead of wrapping up in it.

Sometimes it means we need to let go of the way we see a situation. A perspective shift can come if we are open to it and in that shift the answer may come or we may even realize what we thought was a problem really isn’t.

Sometimes the answer will literally bubble up out of “nowhere.” 🙂 Of course, it is coming from somewhere!

When you are done sitting in meditation slowly allow your senses to return to the outer world. Don’t forget to write down what you experienced!

How did it feel to pray this way and then wait in meditation afterward? Did your receive any insight to your concern? Who or what do you imagine helping you? How did you feel when you pictured the burden or issue crossing over to the other plane and leaving you?

Share your experiences below!

Peace – Sara

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