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Meditation Exercise: Forgiveness

This week at Everyday Spiritual we're focusing on Forgiveness. It turns out that doing a forgiveness meditation can heighten your brain wave activity, inspire creativity, and boost you forward more than any other meditation! (Besides healing a past hurt and letting...

Journal Exercise: Your Body/Exercise

Journal Exercise: Your Body/Exercise

Moving your body is the #1 absolute most important key to having good health, and loving the way you look. Without exercise our bodies retain a lot of the calories we eat, we being to have chronic disease, and we just plain do not feel well or energized. It's so...

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 True RESULTS happen when science and spirituality come together.


Sara Williams and Everyday Spiritual are here to connect hard science with everyday spiritual practices for an unprecedented impact on your life.

Case studies and clinical trials have shown the benefits of prayer, meditation, belief in a higher power and connection to that higher power, journaling, etc…

These scientific studies also give us clues as to how to do these things to get the most actual benefits possible.

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  • Book Reviews – I love to read and I have been reading books on spirituality, god, existence and the reality of spiritual practices in this world for decades. I will let you know my thoughts on popular books, and I will show you some diamonds in the rough I have come across in my journey. Past book reviews Click Here
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