#meditation exercise for #depression

Today’s meditation is for depression or anything that is weighing on you.

Find a comfortable place to sit and relax your whole body, resting with your eye shut and breathing naturally. Listen to the sound of your breath, notice how it feels going in and out of your nose and body. If you would like a deeper relaxation at the beginning of your meditation time see the end of this post for a link. (But make sure you come on back and do today’s mediation with us!) 🙂

Once you are very relaxed I want you to imagine 3 marbles on a table in front of you. These are large marbles, and they are black in color. When you look at these marbles you feel that dark oppressive feeling of sadness or overwhelm, don’t dwell on it, just notice.

I want you to focus on the first marble. With each breath you breathe in imagine you are taking in the life force energy that permeates and gives life to everything around and inside you. With each breath out I want you to imagine breathing all of that good energy into the marble and watch it lighten just a little. Do this several times until the marble is finally clear.

When the marble is clear keep doing this and notice that it is getting bright, as if there is a light inside the marble growing brighter with each breath. Keep going until it is very bright and vibrant with life force energy and the marble itself is actually gone and all that remains is white light shining from where it used to be.

Now take the light and place it inside your heart. You can use imaginary hands or imagine it floating to your chest and being absorbed there.

Continue to do this with each marble – breathing into it until it becomes clear, and then filled with bright white light, and then absorb it into your own heart, taking in all of that healing energy.

I love how I feel after this exercise! I think it’s wonderful how you don’t even have to focus on solving a problem – you just do this and it helps make you feel better.

Peace – Sara

Meditation for beginners exercise link – CLICK HERE

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