5 Day Spiritual Detox Program

Dear Reader,

A couple of years ago I was coming down from the rush and chaos of the holiday season and I just could not get back on track.

I felt clouded mentally, and I was emotionally all used up. It wasn’t that anything bad had happened, it was just that I was fatigued from all the action!

I needed to take a time out to get re-centered and grounded in my core. What I really wanted to do was take a short vacation to a tropical location and check out for a while. But then I got thinking.

I am a deeply spiritual person, but I had not meditated since before the holidays began! I had actually gone almost 60 days with out meditating once! No wonder I felt out of it and off my right path.

I decided then and there that I would meditate every day, multiple times per day for 5 days. Not only that, but I would also make sure my diet was filled with amazing and nutritious food. AND I would take a close look at some key areas of my life during each day of the meditation.

Let me tell you – when those 5 days were over with I felt like I had taken a vacation to HEAVEN! During the 5 days I had:

  • MANY breakthrough insights from my higher power.
  • Answers to troubles I was having just magically bubble to the surface.
  • I was back to feeling calm, and confident.
  • I had my deep connection to my higher power and my best self again.
  • I felt WONDERFUL and my friends and family all noticed.

They said that I seemed to be glowing and less stressed than I had ever been. And I was!!!

I vowed right then and there to share this experience with everyone I could and I started putting together this powerful program – Spiritual Detox – a Soul Retreat that you can do right at home no matter what your schedule is.

That’s right – NO MATTER What Your Schedule is you can do this retreat. I run 2 businesses, and have two very active kiddos who attend dance, karate and gymnastics for a total of 10 hours per week in the evenings and weekends. I also have a house to keep up – which is on just over an acre of land, a cat and a hamster!

In fact, I would say – if you have a crazy schedule like I do – you need this retreat MORE! 🙂

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