Good morning!

I just started a meetup group the other day to get started on building my meditation practice group!

Today I’m meeting with Jen at the Eagan MN community center to see if they have a nice rain-out spot available for us if we start meeting on the community center grounds outside.

Last night I had a great meditation practice session up at Common Ground in MPLS. It was very surreal to meditate and listen to Mark Nunberg talk while this amazing and loud thunderstorm rolled in! The message was wonderful as always.

I can’t wait to get a group going south of the river. I met a man last night who drives from Lakeville so I know there is a need!

I’m also excited to be launching the Spiritual Refresh program. I’m sending all kinds of emails about it and we get started together Sept 20th. If you haven’t signed up yet you can do that here:

Have a great day everyone!

Peace – Sara

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