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“What would it take to give people a spiritual life more powerful than anything they have experienced in the past?” – Deepak Choprah

Every morning when I wake up to write for this blog I look at that quote. I try to work from that space every day.

I have been reading and researching various spiritual practices and religions for most of my life. Some of my favorites are Wayne Dyer, Deepak Choprah, and Debbie Ford.

I started this blog because I want to dedicate my life and work to helping people bring more spirituality into their every day lives. Especially if they have gone away from organized religion and now feel like they need some structure to their spiritual life that they can’t get any more from going to church.

At Everyday Spiritual I will always strive to offer practices and research that everyone can use regardless of their chosen religion.

I have studied Buddhist philosophy and practices and I truly believe that meditation is one of the most important daily practices anyone can engage in. Meditation is also medically proven to have amazing measurable health benefits. It is the cornerstone in a personal and fulfilling spiritual life.

I try to give people real practical things they can do to grow and improve their lives.

My favorite thing to share is when actual research correlates or even proves that a particular spiritual practice really has some kind of measurable impact. Empirical research and evidence isn’t everything – we do need to give some credit to anecdotal experiences, but it sure feels great when science validates your spiritual practice!

I dream that one day this blog inspires hundreds if not thousands of people to have a more fulfilling and meaningful spiritual life. I hope it becomes a cornerstone in a growing chain of materials and programs both online and off that can help people realize a deep connection to their higher power, and relief from the stress and anxiety of being human.

As for credentials I am a curious and constantly seeking Human, I have my second level training in both Spring Forest Qigong, and Reiki, and I am a certified hypnotherapist as well.

I have spent the last few years not actively practicing these healing arts, but I realize that in order to fulfill this deep need to help others in a real way I need to get back to it. I am now offering both Reiki and Hypnosis.

I am also in the process of organizing a meditation practice group. After so many friends and family members have asked me what meditation is and how to get started I think it will be best to just get together once a week and meditate together.

I have a dream that one day we will have a beautiful space to practice and learn together in. I would love to have classes and guest speakers happening in a calm and beautiful setting where people can come as they would to a church for community and deepening their spiritual lives.

I also love gardening, horses, and ballet. I was a semi-professional ballet dancer for a few years and taught for 7 years. I am an internet marketing strategist and freelance webmaster now. 🙂 I also lead trail rides at a local stable, and worked with thoroughbred horses in Kentucky when I graduated high school. I’ve got two lovely kiddos as well as a few furry pets.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments and I will post answers for all to see.


Other things I do:


Remember – you are already well!

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