Health benefits of believing in god or a higher power. #god #spiritual

Have you ever wondered if there were any health benefits to believing in god or a higher power? Have you ever wondered if atheists have poor health?

I myself can’t imagine not having a higher power(s) to call on and the research is overwhelming when it comes to show that “believers” or “church goers” live longer and have better health and recovery times than nonbelievers.

While I was initially put off by the fact that these studies talk about religion/attending church as the main part of their criterion, I feel that most studies base their findings on attending religious services because it is something measurable and witness-able. And I feel strongly that what researchers are actually measuring in these “church goers” is an internal belief in a higher power who is there to be called on and may even love them.

So I let it slide, and I’m glad I did. 🙂 The following is taken from an article on – I have provided a link at the bottom of this page.

recently reported in the American Journal of Public Health, which studied nearly 2,000 older Californians for five years. Those who attended religious services were 36 per cent less likely to die during this half-decade than those who didn’t.

Even those who attended a place of worship irregularly — implying a less than ardent faith — did better than those who never attended.

In 1990, the American Journal of Psychiatry discovered believers with broken hips were less depressed, had shorter hospital stays and could even walk further when they were discharged compared to their similarly broken-hipped and hospitalized, but comparatively heathen peers.

It’s not just hips. Scientists have revealed that believers recover from breast cancer quicker than non-believers; have better outcomes from coronary disease and rheumatoid arthritis; and are less likely to have children with meningitis.

Intriguing research in 2002 showed that believers have more success with IVF than non-believers.
A 1999 study found that going to a religious service or saying a few prayers actively strengthened your immune system.

These medical benefits accrue even if you adjust for the fact that believers are less likely to smoke, drink or take drugs.

But more to my point, here is a great study on the “intrinsic belief” – which is what I think these studies all point to:

And faith doesn’t just heal the body; it salves the mind, too. In 1998, the American Journal of Public Health found that depressed patients with a strong ‘intrinsic faith’ (a deep personal belief, not just a social inclination to go to a place of worship) recovered 70 per cent faster than those who did not have strong faith.

I believe these studies all show very clearly that having an internal belief in a higher power is substantially healthier for you than not. If you’ve ever needed scientific reason to seek out a higher power or to deepen your belief in one there it is!

Or if you are an atheist and just want better health and recovery time you might consider allowing an internal belief of any kind of benevolent higher power to start to develop.

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Please share your thoughts on this interesting topic below! – Sara

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