I think I may be close to realizing my Dharma. By Dharma I mean true life’s work. What you are meant to do or be in this life time. What you have to give.

All my life I have tried, to varying degrees of success, to buck the system and do work that I am truly passionate about. I do not want a 9-5 corporate job. I like money, but I know that money in and of itself is an empty endeavor. I am creative and artistic. I have found various ways to make money doing creative things. (I have also had plenty of 9-5 jobs to pay the bills!) I have been a ballet dancer and teacher, I have been a commissioned muralist, I have been a ghost writer (which was hilarious), and finally I became a web master and internet marketer which is what pays the bills now.

Every time I make an attempt to get closer to doing something that is the real me. At the moment I am writing, and it feels really good. I have always been a writer. I wrote for a few papers in college, and I have written tons of things that have never been and probably will never be published. 🙂

I felt like when I was dancing that was extremely close to my true life’s work. I was the instrument of art and it was an amazing experience. But I knew it would be short lived. Being a professional ballet dancer is not something that many people can sustain.

Teaching dance was also very close. Imparting my years of experience to young dancers and seeing them try so hard and have small successes was fun but also taxing. Being in charge of 8-15 9 year old little girls is tough work! Teaching something as technically complicated as classical ballet to those same squirrely 9 year olds is a tall order!

I started writing children’s books and I got a little closer. These particular books incorporate the outdoors (geocaching) and kids’ fiction/sci-fi/fantasy. I am very happy with them. I could write these books forever.

But what I am always thinking about, and always intrigued by and always want to hear what people have to say and read about – it’s an obsession really – is anything having to do with spirituality.

I love to talk about what might happen after we die. I love to hear what people have to say about having a spirit guide or totem or animal. I love to talk about and share “ghost” stories! I love all of it! There’s so much to talk about and everyone has a slightly (or drastically) different take on it all. I can’t get enough!!

So – is that my Dharma?? I think I could talk about and do this forever so it has to be close. When I think about someone reading my eulogy and saying that this is what I do it feels really good. When I think about what I have to share, and the research and reading, it feels really good.

So maybe I am that much closer!

I hope this post has given you some ideas about what finding your own Dharma looks like. Please share your comments below! 🙂

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