We all know it’s very important to get good sleep. The quality of sleep we get impacts every aspect of our lives!

In researching journals and studies for my new book, Practical Spirituality, I’ve been reading a lot lately about sleep, and what happens when we don’t get enough if it.

It turns out that even a small amount of sleep loss or even subjects in studies who only had “sleep complaints,” had dramatic negative impacts on health.

In particular cardiovascular and heart health are at risk if you don’t take the care to get enough good sleep. Increased inflammation and stress hormones happen after only one night of sleep loss!

Here are some tips from the book on how to get better sleep:

  • Create a calm environment free from active or day-time stimulation. AKA – don’t have a television in your bedroom!
  • Take the time and money to make your mattress and bedding super comfortable.
  • Use calming colors in your bedroom (and your children’s bedrooms!)
  • Get enough exercise during the day
  • Don’t feel tied to the standard of getting eight hours of sleep and no more or no less. People need different amounts of sleep based on many factors.

Sleep is a time to rejuvenate and rest our minds and bodies. So many things happen during sleep we don’t fully understand many of them. Sleep is an important Being and receiving time. When we are quiet and calm, unfocused on daily life we tap into our spiritual self. We can get insight and inspiration from our higher selves, the universe, god, angels, guides etc… It’s a time to reconnect on a deeply spiritual level.

Take the time to improve your sleep! Don’t feel guilty if you get more than eight hours, many people need more. You deserve to take care of yourself this way.


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