I’ve never opened myself to channel or heal anyone other than family members.

I have no idea why but I am now being lead to do this for others.

I have to say it feels a little strange! But it’s a good strange.

I have pushed away my ability to sense spirits before, I have received messages and not told people, I have had intuition/inspiration come to me while meditating and ignored it. All of that is done now.

Receiving messages or sensing someone who isn’t a relative can be scary, but mostly it catches me off guard. From now on, to the best of my ability I am going to just ask, “What do you have to tell me?” and see what happens next!

I’ve been doing this for years. Some things that I do for people include

  • Energy Healing

I use my Reiki training to reach out energetically to you, if I can hone in on what is bothering you I can send healing energy to you. When that isn’t working I will use a model (a stuffed animal usually) and pass my hands over it. I will then intend to pass the healing energy to you that way. This can be done from any distance with little information from you in order to do it.

  • Channeled Healing

For lack of a better term. What happens is you tell me your issue and I will meditate with it and talk with my guide. Over the course of a few days little bits of intuition will come to me about it. These things I will share with you and you can see if my channeled advice helps. (It usually does!) 🙂

  • Lucid Dream Coaching

Many people dream lucidly (when you know you’re dreaming and can do whatever you want) randomly. But it usually doesn’t last long, or there are weird things they can’t control, and there’s no telling when they will ever have another lucid dream. Lucid dream coaching helps with all of those things. I can help you learn some basic and easy techniques to have more lucid dreams, get them to last longer, and overcome any blocks you’re having while in a lucid dream.

  • Death/Transition Support

Perhaps my most meaningful work. My calling if you will. Is to help loved ones deal with and understand the death of someone dear to them. This is a transition that the western world has taught us to fear, and has leveraged that fear against us, and also tricked us into thinking that the afterlife is somewhere far away. That once our loved ones have passed on the door slams and they are out of reach. None of that is true, and I can help you see that if you’d like.

So begins the journey of making myself available to really be of service to people who need it. I’ve got the whole, “If you build it they will come,” thing going on over here tonight!

Be well and thank you for your curiosity and support!


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