learn how to have lucid dreamsHave you ever heard the term Lucid Dream?? Have you ever wondered how to have lucid dreams? Today I’m going to start you off with the first step. It’s fun, it’s easy and it will give you a better dream experience in and of itself. But first some interesting facts:

It’s a scientifically proven phenomenon that a dreamer has when they become fully aware that they are dreaming and they are still in the dream. It’s an amazing thing because suddenly you’re not at the mercy of what ever’s going on in your dream. You are in control! You can do anything you want. You can fly, you can breathe underwater, you can visit a long lost friend. When you learn how to have lucid dreams night time becomes adventure time! 🙂 People do all kinds of amazing and fun things in their dreams once they learn to lucid dream. There is no limit!

There are even proven physical and emotional benefits to learning how to have lucid dreams. The euphoria of the experience itself is a big one. Depression can lift, problems can be solved, and a general sense of happiness and adventure surround someone who has just had their first lucid dream.

So how can YOU learn how to have lucid dreams?

I’m going to give you the first step today. It’s very simple (as are all the steps!) The only thing you need to do is keep a dream journal. I keep mine open (read to write in) with my pen on top of the page. You want the least amount of obstacles possible because at first you may only remember a dream for a few seconds before it starts to fade away!

You might be someone who doesn’t remember their dreams, so you think you don’t dream. That is a myth. Every single person dreams 3-5 dreams every single night. It is proven that if you stop dreaming you mentally and emotionally start to break down. There are real consequences. So it you’re “normal” then I know for a fact you are dreaming.

When you write your dreams down and start paying attention to them you are sending signals to your brain that dreams are important. Over time your brain will respond by making it easier and easier for you to remember your dreams. You will remember more details and over time your dreams them selves will get more vivid and longer. All good things for a lucid dreamer.

So that is your assignment for the next week or so. Just keep a dream journal. It’s fun and it’s easy and it is definitely the first step to learning how to have lucid dreams.

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Remember you are already well.

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