More than anything else that I have learned in this life time I value the lessons I have learned that now allow me to take my time. Taking your time is not something that western culture values as much as other cultures do. Everything is hurry up! Not only do it faster, but how fast can you possibly do that and still do it accurately.

Get me off that hamster wheel right now!!!!


Hard science says that decisions are not as accurate or wise when pressed for time or under time stress. (Tons of experiments are sited and provided here: BUT KEEP READING. 🙂 …

Deciding things is an important time to slow down and not hold yourself to a hard deadline. Deciding what car to buy, what career to choose, where you’d like to live  – all require time to allow information gathering and assimilation. You may feel pressed to purchase something by a sales person, or your daughter may call you indecisive. It doesn’t matter. Take your time! It’s your time and your money and your life. Only you can decide. It takes a split second to take someone else’s opinion and make it your own, leaving a lot of room for regret. It takes time for you to gather the necessary information and then marinade on it to see what you actually like best; to form your own opinion, but it is well worth it!

Meeting people is another extremely important area to take you time in. People will always put their best face forward, at least for a while. Some people are artists at this and will fool you for a long time. Other people don’t know themselves enough to know who or what they truly are – these people are wildcards and should be handled carefully. But how will you ever know if you don’t take you time??

Replying to another person in a tense or complex situation is another great time to TAKE YOUR TIME. You may not feel that you can take your time due to the height of emotion or gravity of the situation (and I am not talking about emergencies here!) 🙂 but most of the time you can, and you should. Write out what you want to say and then sleep on it. You may even realize that you can sleep on it for more than one night and still be fine. Many situations are important, not all situations are urgent. Realize the difference and you can see where to take your time so that you make the best reply, not an emotional or irrational one.

This is a great time to talk about Doing and Being. The two states that we live in on this Earth are Doing (actively doing stuff) and Being (sleeping, meditating etc… just being). All great Doing comes from a good, centered and practiced place of Being. It takes the Being time – the thoughtful reflection, good sleep, and quiet meditation to come to an inspired decision on what to DO.

If someone (or even you) are pressing yourself to decide something quickly I challenge you to start taking your time. You alone have the power to put the brakes on. (And chances are they are trying to press you faster to get you to do something that may not be in your best interest.) You can take your time. Your subconscious is a valuable tool, but it can only work by having the time to assimilate new information and find the patterns in it that we don’t see while we’re conscious. It may take time for you to realize that your spirit guide or angel is telling you something. You want to make sure there is sufficient time to receive those messages. You, your conscious self, can only make a wise decision if you give yourself time to take in the information, think about it, and then come to an informed decision.

Learning to meditate is one of the ways you can rest your conscious mind and allow insight to come from your subconscious or other entities. Meditation involves first concentrating on your breath, relaxing, and then essentially thinking nothing – clearing your mind. But there are many kinds of meditation, and guided meditations are one of the most fun things you can do to relax. I have an eBook that I can share the first 100 pages of, that is 100% free with over 30 fun, calming and spiritually valuable exercises in it. You can get that meditation book as well as a book about spirituality for free by signing up on this page:

Have fun!





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