I always feel so low energy in winter!

I live in the norther United States, so it gets extremely cold and snowy here every winter. From about the beginning of December to the beginning of April (March if we’re lucky) it’s so cold outside it will literally kill you. Everything is barren and dry, my kids (and myself often) are sick with colds, friends get together less often, there is much less to do outside etc…

I also feel like I shut down spiritually. Do you guys ever feel like that??

Here are some helpful suggestions on staying spiritually high during the dark cold months of winter.

Listen to uplifting music – Music has vibration, which translates into energy. It can trigger all kinds of emotions. Make sure the music you are listening to is happy and up-beat.

Create nice smells in your home – I love to boil slices of ginger on the stove to release that warm gingery smell. I also use a TON more incense in winter to make my home feel more enlightened. I also love the smell of pure bees wax candles. There is something really nice about the quality of light a pure bees wax candle gives off and the smell is amazing!

Engage in some kind of loving movement every day even if you can’t go outside. Exercise to get your body warm and loosen up stiff joints. Stretch to get all the kinks out from shivering in the cold while you wait for your car to warm up.

Meditate in the early morning just before the sun comes up. Since there is so much more dark time you don’t have to get up at 5am to get into this powerful time of day. I can get up at 7:45am now and experience this dark just before the dawn time that is so nice to meditate in before you start your day.

Stare for a while at some high frequency colors. Violets and blues have the highest frequencies. Just gazing at these colors you will start to feel better because your energy begins to match the energy that you surround yourself with.

The outside world is in a state of Being, not Doing during these months. This is a time for rest and rejuvenation and more Being time. More meditation, more relaxation, more inner work etc… This is the rhythm that is around you right now – don’t fight it – use it to your advantage!

Please share the ways you like to stay spiritual during the winter months. 🙂


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