These days there is an abundance of information available.

Some ideas are new, and some are old, and some are a mixture of the two.

So when absorbing new information this is what I think happens in our minds.

I think of the ideas in our minds as having colors, like paint, in fact exactly like paint.

So we have some new information, some thing we read or saw on tv perhaps. Let’s say we like it so it goes in and is represented as pink paint.

Then we hear someone else’s idea (maybe me ;-O ) about the same thing and this changes our perspective on that topic slightly. Now the pink paint is slightly darker pink.

Next we hear someone say that idea is completely false. (But we liked it so we’re not discarding it completely.) It does take a turn though and shifts our perspective on it in new ways. perhaps we need to do some more research on it ourselves. So then it actually becomes purple paint.

The idea is still there, and it is still worthy and beautiful in it’s own right. It’s just changing a bit with each new piece that gets added on to it.

I dislike how black and white this world and especially our media can be. A new idea is either ending the world as we know it or some great new thing that is going to save us all! When really, nothing is quite like that.

So as you are absorbing new information, and fact checking and reading etc… think of all those ideas as wet paint, just slightly adjusting each time you take is something new.

Share your comments on your own information processing below! – Sara

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