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This week on Everyday Spiritual I want to explore the idea of Prayer. I actually found scientific correlation that prayer works, and I can’t wait to share that with you on Friday!!

For today’s journal exercise on prayer I want you to look at the things you pray about in your life and how you pray.

First I want you to make a list of the things you generally pray for, if you pray. If you do not pray I want you to write out in your own words why you don’t. If you don’t pray just because you never have I would like you to consider praying.

I know that praying for the first time may seem strange or awkward. 🙂

First and foremost in my mind is always – who am I praying to?? For me that answer is God and whatever other spiritual guiding beings that may be listening. This can be ancestors who have passed that may be able to hear our prayers and help us, or guardian angels or guides.

Next is, are they listening?

And I firmly believe they are. 🙂 Praying is a way to give up the heavy load of carrying a worry or burden around all day. By giving that burden over to God or other beings for help you share that load and open yourself to help from others. I imagine this happening in my mind while I am praying and it really helps. I picture all the worry going over to the other side and I also imagine that as heavy as it is for me to bear that worry or struggle it isn’t heavy at all to God or our guides.

They have the full perspective, and a broader scope of seeing the issue than we do in our limited bodies and minds on Earth.

So if you’ve never prayed I highly suggest going for it!

I also don’t really ask anything be changed in my prayers. I trust the process of this life as a learning ground. I trust that whatever is happening is for my spiritual growth. So I look for the lesson and sometimes it takes many times of the same struggle to understand it and then be able to prevent it in the future because I finally “get” it.

My prayers are mostly “Help me see,” and, “Why is it like this?” I also pray for other people often. I pray for their safety and health, but I remember when doing this that they are on a spiritual learning/growth journey as well – and I have no idea what may be going on with that.

And if I do pray for a specific thing for myself or another person I always end with, “This or something better,” Again, because I have a limited amount of vision or ideas when it comes to what might be best for everyone involved. I also have self limiting beliefs just like everyone does. I may not believe that someone can be cured of cancer by prayer alone, so I pray for that person to have peace on their journey, and for them to have clarity as well, and then I end with, “This or something better,” so that all possibilities are open for them to receive blessings.

Once you have your list of prayers go through each one and think about what I have said in this post.

You can add, “This or something better,” to each one if that is something you like.

You can ask the questions I have asked as well. “Help me see,” and “Why is it like this?”

Those are the things we are supposed to be learning on our journey and I want to LEARN and GROW!

If our prayers were always instantly granted how would we ever grow or mature spiritually? We wouldn’t have to learn any lessons. We would be like spoiled children and remain in a lower state of being for all of our time on Earth. We may as well not come to this learning ground at all!

Asking those two questions opens our own minds to them as well. Our subconscious may very well have clarity and it is fear that our waking mind cannot deal with. Our subconscious may know why things are the way they are and our waking mind is dealing with denial or, again, fear and not be able to get past it to the answer.

Next I want you to write out the underlying situation surrounding each prayer. And then I want you to write out the emotions the situation makes you feel. You may discover some clues there that will help you see things more clearly or even solve the issue!

What are some of the main questions you ask of God? Are there reoccurring prayers that you have? Do you believe God listens to our prayers? Why do you think that it seems like sometimes our prayers are not answered? Do you think anyone else is out there listening and helping us when we pray?

Leave your answers below!

Peace – Sara

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