This week I want to focus on the power of forgiveness. It can take a lot to forgive someone who you feel has wronged you in some way, but I guarantee that it will be better for YOU if you can do it.

I can’t wait until Friday because there is so much science behind this now it’s just out of this world!! And one of my favorite people, Vishen Lakhiani from Mindvalley, wrote a great article all about it.

For today I want you to take out your journal and write down the names of three people whom you need to forgive. Write down a short description of what you need to forgive them for as well. Don’t spend too much time dwelling on the wrong doing, just a few sentences will do.

Then I want you to write out how it would feel to forgive them.

Keep in mind this does not mean you’re going to be their best friend again. Nor does it mean they should not have a consequence for their actions or words. It means that the part of you that is holding on to the pain can let go and not feel that hurt anymore. It means the event or words no longer have any control over you. It means you can move on with your life and you don’t have to keep reliving it. It means freedom!

Next write out any blocks you feel come up when you think about forgiving them. If there is resistance explore it and find out why you don’t want to forgive them.

Chances are you CAN forgive them completely inside, and let it go. People often confuse forgiveness with allowing the person back in to your life or forgetting that the event or words happened. Or that you would have to contact them and say, “I forgive you.” Remember that is not what we’re talking about. What I am describing when I say forgiveness is just allowing yourself to let go of the pain and stop carrying it around with you.

Please come back and join us for the meditation part of this week of forgiveness because we’re actually going to meditate and go through the forgiving process!

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