Feel better list - defeat depression with this list

Today’s journal exercise is a list that will help you get through the down times. I have my list right by my computer and I go through it whenever I am feeling down and need some help to get into a better mood.

It really works, and it is worth the time it takes to create it.

It can be an insulating factor in getting out of (or not getting into) depression or a rut.

So for today just list out the things that get you into a better mood.

Here’s mine:

  • Read Autocorrected Texts on Damn You Autocorrect. Here’s the link – be warned some are X rated. 🙂 – Damn You Autocorrect
  • Pet and play with my cat
  • Take a walk outside
  • Stretch/exercise
  • Listen to music – I have a happy playlist that I listen to. Don’t go and just turn on the radio because if a sad some comes on you’ll be defeating the purpose! 🙂
  • Call a friend

It might seem really simple, but when you’re feeling sad you just don’t think of these things. You might even feel like you DON’T want to feel better. But if you make your list you will do much better I promise!!!

Have fun


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