how to let go of limiting beliefs and have an amazing life

For this journal exercise I want you to split your paper in two columns.

On one side I want you to list 1-3 medium term goals you have for your life.

On the other side I want you to list out the reasons you feel like you can’t have it or it would be hard to attain it. Road blocks, criticism, perceived limitations etc… All the reasons you feel like it won’t be the way you want it to be and the reasons you haven’t attained it yet that are in your way. Anything that is in your way at all.

Spend some time doing that and notice how each limit makes you feel.

On the other side of the paper I want you to write those emotions you feel when you are thinking about the things that are in your way.

Now I want you to look at each road block and say to yourself, “That is not the truth.” Look at each one and just say (even if you don’t believe it yet) “That limit is only in my mind and it is not true.”

Now if something has a road block like money you might be saying, “Sara, the money is not just going to appear out of nowhere. I can’t afford that thing and that’s all there is to it.” And I am asking you to look at it and just say, “That is not true.”

The perception that you cannot have something because of money it a lie. People get things without money all the time.

Open up to the TRUE belief that you alone cannot be fully aware of how something will come into your life. There are surprises and gifts and all kinds of things that happen all the time.

The point is, unless you open your mind a bit you yourself are holding these things back from yourself!

Don’t feel it yet? Don’t get it? Then take this list into the next week with you and every day just look at each limiting belief and say to yourself, “That is not the truth.” See if you can get some distance from it and see that it can come to you a different way. It can be a different way. Because it really can be.

Play with this any time you tell yourself that you cannot attain a goal or a life passion. You can. You just have to get clear of the internal roadblocks you are seeing and then it can. 🙂

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