barbecue with friends

Having a strong social network has been proven to give you all kinds of health benefits. It can even lengthen your life! And it can help with mood disorders like anxiety and depression.

By strong social network I mean people you actually SEE and go do stuff with! Not social media! 🙂

For today’s exercise list your friends and family. The people you see often as well as the people you remain friends with even though you don’t. Also list any acquaintance you have who supports your well being in some way.

Also write down how you met them, and how close you are to them.

Take particular note of anyone on this list you want to be closer to and you can then work on that! 🙂

This is a great tool to have for those moments in life when you are feeling lonely. It will help you remember that there are people who care about you, and who you care about!

Peace and Love – Sara

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