what one non material gift

Today’s journal exercise is to write about:

What one non-material gift could someone give you that would change your life?

We all have a pretty good grasp on the things we want materially – a nice car, a new house, a new pair of high heels, good food to eat etc… But what about the non-material things?

Most of the time these end up being what we call, “Wishful thinking.” Things that would change us fundamentally or internally.

Some non-material gifts that I have been given are:

A cure to shorten and almost eliminate the migraine headaches I used to get every or every other month – that used to last 12-15 hours. After years of having these things take over my life suddenly and be horribly painful, and years of research, I finally found 2 things that would change my life forever just in the past 18 months or so. Now I get 1-2 per year and they only last about an hour!!!

A cure to a physical problem I’d struggled with that I took as being, “Just the way I am.” Someone came into my life and just challenged that limiting belief and through some experimentation it is now completely resolved and I no longer struggle with this at all any more! It made my life infinitely more enjoyable!

So, what I find interesting about this exercise is that it challenges our inner thinking a bit. It gets us out of the, “It’s just the way I am,” mentality.

So think of the one thing that someone could give you that would change your life forever. It could be complete confidence when speaking to a room full of people. It could be taking away your anxiety forever.

And then write about all the ways your life would change if you had that one non-material thing.

Feel free to share in the comments below.

Have fun!!


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