This week we are focusing on the healing art of Reiki.

For today’s journal exercise we will look deeper into the Principles that all Reiki practitioners learn. Here are these principles:

principles or #reiki

Wonderful words to live by! Everyone and anyone can use these basic principles in their life to foster peace and happiness in themselves and those around them.

In your journal today copy down the principles above and leave plenty of space to write freely about each one. Just explore them and see what comes up.

What does each one mean to you? Expand on the one statement.

Explore ways that you can bring more of each one into your life by going down one by one and writing out some goals – just for today – that you can accomplish and grow into doing each principle better.

Also write down any resistance you feel or how you have struggled with any of these statements in the past.

Our meditation this week will also stem from these principles.

Have fun!


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