Conquer your biggest #fears

For this exercise we are going to go deep into your deepest fear.

Don’t be afraid, try to cultivate an attitude of curiosity.

First write down the fear. This should be pretty easy. If it is detailed write out the details. For instance, I am not afraid of snakes unless they are a strange color. If snakes were my biggest fear I would have to include that they only scare me if they are white or bright blue or something like that.

If you are afraid of heights, but you can fly in a plane just fine, then include that information. Really try to get specific.

Now try to feel just the emotions of the fear. Try to feel exactly how it feels and write down all of those feelings.

I am afraid of heights and when I am face with being high up I feel terror, fear of death or pain or dying, fear of falling, fear of losing my balance, fear of embarrassing myself – there are so many fears in that one fear! I often start with a general feeling of anxiety, which raises to extreme anxiety, and then it can turn into anger, and finally if I don’t fix the problem or I am just too overwhelmed (there’s another emotion) I will cry.

Freely write out all of your emotions and feelings and other fears about that main “biggest” fear.

Now turn the page over and just sit in silence, and try to allow the real fear to rise to the surface. Be relaxed, be quiet. Even if it is not obvious to your conscious mind, your subconscious knows exactly what’s going on! 🙂

If you are brave, it will bubble right up to the surface.

For me the fear of heights comes directly from my confidence issues. I simply do not trust myself under pressure. I am afraid I will make a mistake. I am afraid I won’t be strong enough.

Freely write that feeling down and everything you feel about it. Let it all out. This is probably something that spills over into other areas of your life. Or comes from a totally different area of your life.

It may now be obvious where you got this fear! 🙂 And that is great.

You may have to go through another round of identifying the underlying emotions and sitting in silence before you start to get to the heart of that fear.

Once you can see how it started, and how it is in your day to day life, you can start to amend your experience.

For instance, now that I know my fear of heights comes from a confidence issue I can work on that each day and it is getting better. Also, when I am in a scary heights situation I can remember that I just need to believe in myself a little more – and it works, it helps. 🙂

I hope this exercise helps you in that way too.

You can do this for any fear you may have to shed some light on it and take the first steps toward letting that fear go for good!

Please comment below. 🙂


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