Journal exercise #2638 🙂 (just kidding)

In this exercise you will be writing to a friend about a future success you want to give some intention and attention to now. (If you haven’t read my science + Law of Attraction post READ it HERE NOW – and then come back and play.)

To start off with look at your goals and see what you want to work with for this exercise. It may be more money or a business success, it may be a physical health success, it may be a creative success or a relationship success. What ever the goal is place it firmly in your mind and see the reality of it as if it were true NOW. It’s not coming to you, it’s not out there in the future, it is REAL now. It is your current reality.

How does it feel to have that success? How does it feel to reach the goal? Does your life look differently now? Are your friends and family the same or different? Are your surroundings the same or different? Does it have a smell? A feeling? Whatever is different experience that in your imagination. If it’s a new car, for instance, drive that car in your imagination and feel how exhilarating it is that you are driving your new car. Whatever it is take 5-10 minutes and play with it in your imagination as if it were real now, and almost like attaining it is in your most recent PAST.

With that work accomplished and with all the positive feelings that are in you now, write a letter to your friend telling them how happy you are.

Dear __________,

Remember when I told you I really wanted to have/do _________________? Well, I DID IT!!!! Can you believe it!!!??? I really did it. It feels so ________________. I am so happy and now that this happened I can ____________________.

(You get the idea. Don’t rush this. If you start to feel less exhilarated just imagine it a little more and then when that good feeling comes back write more in your letter.)

Above all HAVE FUN. Positive emotion is more powerful than negative emotion. Expectations that are happy have more power.

let me know in the comments below how you did or if you changed the exercise at all for yourself. 🙂



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