So you want to learn to meditate!!!?? 🙂

Hard science backs up meditation as having many positive effects on our health including but not limited to: Better Memory, Ability to Quit Smoking and also Alcohol Abuse, Cardiovascular Health, and lowering High Blood Pressure.*

*Here’s a quote from a study done on cancer patients:

A nonrandomized controlled trial evaluated the effect of
a MBSR [meditation]  program on the immune functioning, coping, and
quality of life (QoL) of women newly diagnosed with early
stage breast cancer who had not had chemotherapy

Women enrolled in the MBSR program had reduced
plasma cortisol levels [stress hormone] and improved QoL and coping ability, compared with the non-MBSR group.


*Here’s another quote from another study done on breast cancer survivors:

In the post-treatment period, survivors of breast cancer
often experience high levels of anxiety, depression, fear of
recurrence, pain, fatigue, and sleep disturbances.

In a randomized, controlled study of 84 female patients with stages
0–III breast cancer who were within 18 months of standard
treatment, patients were randomized to a 6-week MBSR [meditation]
program or to usual care. Compared with usual care, MBSR
treatment produced significant improvements in psychologic
status and QoL [Quality of Life].

*Here’s a quote from a study conducted on Memory Loss:

A recent preliminary study indicates that patients with memory loss may potentially be helped by meditation, if the results
are borne out in future trials. This 8-week meditation program
with 14 subjects with memory loss produced improvements in
cerebral blood flow and memory.

Not only is it fun, and feels great – it is truly good for you. Along with the benefits described in these studies meditation can also help you gain insight into problems you may be having, and it can help you connect with your higher power.

So here we go!

Your basic relaxation technique:

I’m going to give you the key to a secret door. It leads to a place where you can always go. It is yours and inside is your higher self, your guide(s), and the creative energy of the Universe or god. It’s a beautiful place, and once you do this meditation once you will carry it with you forever.

If anything in this meditation doesn’t agree with you just change it. It’s your meditation!

During meditation the first and foremost thing will always been your breath. It is what settles and brings your focus inward. So to being sit quietly in a comfortable position and focus on your breathing. Breathe a little deeper, but don’t try too hard to control it just notice it and feel it. Feel how it feels and listen to the sound of the air going into and leaving your body. Feel how good it feels to just breathe.

You will know that you are starting to center when all the other sounds around you become clearer. You are now yourself – the observer. The person walking around doing stuff all day is mostly your ego and your body. There is always a deeper part of you that is there as well, but we are less aware of it. It is your higher self observing what you are doing.

Feel that shift, and while still concentrating on your breathing notice the sounds around you but don’t hone in on one or focus too much on them. Just be the observer.

After a few moments in this place allow your focus to shift to any images that are floating around with your eyes closed. While in that place where anything is possible in your imagination I want you to create a door.

This door is beautiful and it can look and be anything your heart desires. It can have patterns, it can have a lot of glass, it can have many colors, or it can be simple, something from your childhood that gives you a sense of safety and security. Take several minutes creating this door. Know that on the other side of this door is all the safety, security, and happiness you can imagine.

Once you are happy with your door look for the handle. It may be obvious or you may have to look for it. Picture it in any way that you want to. And once you have it I want you to reach for it. Turn it or lift it or whatever you need to do to open your door and then walk through it.

Inside I want you to imagine that you are walking out on top of a mountain. It is a grassy, warm area with the peaks still high above you and a grassy valley just below where you are standing. To your left and up is a small waterfall, and coming down next to you is a creek. Walk over to the edge of the creek, where the water is falling down from the waterfall. it’s warm here and you can feel the mist on your face. Take off your shoes and feel the warm wet grass on your feet and between your toes.

In this place there is nothing to worry about, and nothing to solve. It is your sacred place to just BE. You feel safe and secure here and you can sense the energy/chi of the Universe around you.

Look down the hill and you can see a large magnificent tree. It’s not very far away and you can see it clearly. Walk slowly down to this tree and notice how the details come out as you approach it. Notice everything about this wonderful tree. Notice how it feels safe to be here with this tree.

As you near the tree you see a chair under it’s branches. This is your meditation chair. It can be anything you want. It can be made of natural materials or a manufactured chair, it can be soft or hard, anything you like or choose. It can even have things inscribed on it or have a favorite pillow – maybe the comforter or blanket you had as a child. Maybe your childhood stuffed animal is waiting there for you.

Take a seat in this chair and then focus on your breathing again. You can stay right here and just be or your can go into any meditation you like from here.

As you practice your meditation more and more it will become natural for you to just open your awesome door and walk down to your chair. You can take as much or as little time as you want to get to your chair. You will eventually not need me at all in order to get to this place of calm and peace and safety. You can take 1-2 minutes to do this on your own before any other meditation you want to do.

I hope you love your door and your space and your chair. I hope you find peace here, and I hope you take this with you in your life from now on.

All the love ~*Sara*~

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* All quoted studies are a part of this large abstract of studies about meditation. CLICK HERE for the PDF.


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