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That’s right, “Stuff!” Because it’s going to be up to you what stuff is in them!

After you get to your meditation place inside (CLICK HERE for your own meditation place, then come back and play), concentrating only on your breath, allowing your mind to go blank allow yourself to just be in that space for a few minutes.

When you are ready imagine looking up into the sky and seeing glowing sparkling bubbles gently starting to drift down to you. Maybe they are full of calm, maybe they are full of love, maybe they are full on insight for you from god or the universe.

Just picture these bubbles drifting down so very slowly. Picture the color that they are, or the color of what they contain. Imagine that they contain whatever it is you need right now and really think about that that is, focus your attention on what’s inside the bubbles.

Then very slowly they start to reach you. One by one they touch your skin and burst open. The substance inside of them gently absorbs into your skin and you start to feel like you are filling up with the love or insight or calm that you intended inside each bubble.

Just sit there and allow these bubbles to continue to burst on your skin, and continue to fill up with whatever it is that you needed right now.

Sit there until you feel very content and full and happy with what you have received.

When you are ready you can walk up the hill and out your door to the real world and move on with your day.

I hope you had fun. ~*Sara*~

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