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For this week’s meditation I want you to take a look at some goals that you have for yourself and spend some time with them. If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction process you will recognize this type of exercise. If not, then you can Google that later to find a TON of information about what we’re doing here today. 🙂

After you do whatever exercise you like to do to become fully relaxed, calm and clear of mind (HERE’S a great one) I want you to think about one of your main goals.

Generally when we think about our goals we just think, “I want ________.” And we write that down. We don’t spend a ton of time thinking about why we want it (the underlying motivation) or what it will actually be like when we get it. But that is what we’re going to do today.

So first of all, take that goal and see if there is an underlying want below what the surface of having it means. For instance, if I want a new home I may actually be wanting more security or a safe neighborhood for my kids, more space etc… So I want you to dig deeper and think about the emotions and real wants that are below the surface of that accomplishment.

Next (and this is the main part of the mediation for today) I want you to imagine what it will be like when you actually HAVE it. Picture yourself actually having it and pretend that you just got it and you are super excited about it. Really get into the FEELINGS of how having it makes you feel. Think about the repercussions in the rest of your life and feel the joy of what having this accomplishment means to you.

Spend the majority of time in that place. Really get excited. It’s not coming to you – you HAVE it!

The final step to this exercise is to sit in silent meditation when you are done. This will open you up to all channels of receiving information about how to get it. So you are NOT going to sit down and think about this yourself at all really, not right now. You just sent a HUGE message to the Universe, god, the collective energy, and your subconscious or higher self. And now all of those sources are working hard to get you to that end result.

Just try to absolutely clear your mind and see if anything pops in. Some idea of what to do may pop into your mind at this time or you may have a dream about it later tonight. You may get a call from someone you know that has something to do with this or you may feel compelled to call them.

Whatever pops in PAY ATTENTION to that! This is called receiving inspired action.

We can think and try to figure all of this stuff out ourselves, and that may get us somewhere, but we are limited in our awareness of how these accomplishments can come to us. There may be an infinitely easier way that it can come if we let ourselves be guided by our avenues of unlimited possibilities!

Make sure you WRITE DOWN anything that pops in so that you don’t forget about it. And make sure you DO take the action. Taking inspired action is a critical step in co-creating your reality and accomplishing these goal in record time.

You can do this for one goal or many. Just make sure you take enough time to really get into the EMOTION of what it is like to actually HAVE accomplished/acquired it.

Have fun!

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