This mediation is so simple, but do not underestimate it’s power!

Many Buddhist teachings tell you that to have inner peace you need to smile inside. So, that is exactly what we’re going to do.

Get to your place of peace and quiet by doing THIS intro meditation, and when proceed on to your daily meditation here:

I want you to envision a smile inside your heart. Maybe it looks like a smiley face sticker, maybe it is a small statue of the Buddha smiling; whatever it is make sure you feel like this smile is YOU. This smile is your inner essence, your soul and your being.

Feel the warmth and acceptance in that smile. Feel it permeate your thoughts and feelings. Just sit with this and allow it to flow through you.

You can do this meditation when you’re feeling down and it will help you feel better!

If you start this meditation when you are emotionally low in some way be aware that you will go through some emotions on your way back to inner peace.

You may experience anger, frustration or sadness (or anything really) on your way back. Just be aware of these emotions and let them pass through you gently and allow whatever happens to happen.

Sit this way as long as you like and you can return to your world back through your magic door! 🙂 (If you don’t have a door yet, make sure you do the intro meditation that can be found HERE.)

Throughout the rest of your day you can go back to the image you created of an inner smile and get that feeling back whenever you need it.

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