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I highly recommend learning/doing the meditation for beginners HERE before moving on to the weekly meditations. 🙂

For this meditation we will be working with one pain or problem that you have at a time. I don’t suggest tackling all of your pain points at once! That can be very overwhelming, and work against you. It is better to let it sink in and really hit home on one problem than skim over a bunch of them.

This meditation has been inspired by the Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin, as well as the philosophy behind Ho’oponopono.

Once you are fully relaxed and your mind is quiet I want you to think of the pain or problem that you want to work on. It will probably spring into your mind in all its vivid emotional turmoil.

Sit with it for a while and just let it come into focus. Don’t think too hard about it, just feel it and see it and let it be with you for a few minutes.

Now go deeper into it. Actually feel the emotions as deeply as possible. Sadness frustration anger… let it all come to the surface and really feel all of it.

Think about the people involved, think about how whatever it is hurts you or is in your way, think about it so much that you are really living in it. You may cry or become very angry and that is okay. Try to let it flow while you remain in your meditation.

Take a few minutes like this and feel that pain.

Now I want you to imagine a large transparent white sphere around you – but it is extremely large, it is at least 10 feet from you in all directions.

In you mind and in real life hold out your hands in front of you.

Imagine your emotions swirling within that sphere and all around you. Now very slowly start to make the sphere a little smaller with each breath. Just a little each time, condensing and concentrating the emotions. The sphere is getting smaller and you – your palm(s) are its center.

Feel the emotions intensify and feel the sphere reach you and then start to center only around your hands. Imagine the colors of the emotions very intense as they are concentrated even more.

About the time the sphere is the size of a basketball you should notice that the emotions are not all encompassing you any longer – they are in the sphere. You can witness your problem or pain from the outside.

Breathe the sphere smaller now – to the size of a large marble or ball bearing. Just look at it resting in your palm. Does it feel heavy? Has it turned black with all the emotion condensed down so small? Just sit with it there in your palm for a few minutes.

Close your palm around it and hold it very tight. Feel it there solid, in your palm. Hold on to it with everything you have. Grasp it as if your life depended on it! As you are holding it and focused on it I want you to just say four things. Don’t think too hard about who or what you are talking to, just day these things:

  1. I am sorry
  2. Please forgive me
  3. Thank you
  4. I love you

Feel that sphere tight in your hand. Now I want to ask you a question. This problem or pain is being held by your hand. It is just a sphere filled with emotion – a marble. Could you let it go? Could you drop it? yes.

And now I want to ask you another question: When could you drop it? Any time you want? How about now? yes.

Now turn your hand over and open it dropping the problem to the center of the universe, down, and out of sight.

Feel the weight of it lifted, feel it leave your presence as something you no longer need to think about at all.

Now just sit in meditation feeling lighter and free-er and enjoy the feelings that come over you.

When you are ready walk up your hill and out your secret door and join this world again.

I hope this helped you let go of pain or a problem. Please share your experience with me in the comments below.


Here is some excellent music to get your meditation practice started or enhance your meditation practice Click to check it out:


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