For today’s meditation exercise I want to show you how easy it is to actually manipulate the life force energy around you. You do not need Reiki training to do this. You are already doing it or your heart and brain would not function! 🙂 You do however need Reiki practitioner training to practice the actual healing art. Just like anyone can dance – only a trained ballerina can successfully perform a classical ballet on stage.

Before you begin your meditation today I want you to check out the temperature of your hands and just take note of what it is.

Once you are relaxed and focusing on your breathing I want you to feel your heart beating in your chest. Notice the rhythm. Notice and remember also that your chest, or heart, is the seat of a lot of emotional reception and expression. Feel it beating but also feel the emotional center there waiting to experience and express emotion. You can remember how it feels to receive love or how it feels to be disappointed and you can know deeply that there is something more there than just a heart beating – even though that is quite miraculous on it’s own!

Every human on the planet know this somewhere inside – that the heart and center of the chest is a center for emotional energy.

This energy is also physical. All kinds of physical reactions take place when we feel love or any other emotion. We have the experience of feelings when our mind and body and emotional body all react to something or think something. We may even cry – a purely physical release of purely emotional energy.

I want you to imagine all of that energy flowing now from your center and send it out, slowly along your arms. Travel it down your arms and let it pool in the palm of your hands.

Take some time in doing this and notice how it feels. Notice anything about it as you are doing this meditation exercise.

You can stay in this space as long as you would like. Breathing and noticing your body and the energy that is in it.

When you are ready slowly come back to the here and now. And notice the temperature of your hands. I am willing to bet that they are significantly warmer than they were when you started! When I am giving a Reiki treatment and ever since my first Atonement in my training my external body temperature is very high, especially my hands. People comment on it all the time.

I hope you found this exercise relaxing and comforting. Please share your comments below.


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