Friends Have Summer Fun

Check out the beginner meditation if you’ve never tried any of my guided meditations before! GO HERE and then come back and play.

Once you are completely relaxed and your mind is clear I want you to think of one person who you want to strengthen your relationship with.

Stand up in your meditation place in your mind (not physically) and imagine them standing in front of you about 3-4 feet away.

Next I want you to think about all the things that make up your relationship. Imagine all of these things as strands of light or cables between you – tying you together.

All the things that are wonderful about your relationship are bright and full of energy like sunshine. All of the things about your relationship that are not so great or stress you out are like gray or black dull cables with no light or sunshine.

Stand in front of your person thinking about all of the different facets of your relationship for a few minutes and remember all the things that tie you together.

Once you are ready imagine that with each breath you breath in the light, positive, sunshine cables get brighter and stronger. Do this for 3-4 slow breaths.

Next with each breath imagine the darker dull not so great cables getting smaller or cutting altogether. Do this for 3-4 slow breaths and then go back to the light ones and repeat the process.

Do this for 2-3 times and see how great you feel at the end!

I personally feel that this meditation can have a real world impact on your relationship becoming stronger and more positive.

Have fun!



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