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Today’s meditation focuses on stress relief.

All of us have some amount of stress in our lives. Some people have a lot and some people have very little. Most of that is determined not by outside sources but by how you handle change and environmental stimuli.

Spending some time each day meditating can help you build resilience for tough times, and keep you flexible and creative during times of change. It can also relieve the stress you are feeling in a very immediate way. But over time these benefits spill over into all areas of your life.

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stress ball 2

Once you have gotten yourself into a comfortable position and relaxed your breathing and your mind to a point of meditation I want you to imagine your stress as a large ball of black thread. The ball is not wound up neatly it is a total mess! It is tangled and twisted and completely knotted up into itself.

Imagine all of the things that stress you out being one or many threads inside this ball of black thread. Put all of that emotion into it.

Now I want you to notice that there are ends of thread sticking out all over the ball.

In your mind, reach out and give one of these ends a slow and stead pull. I want you to notice that it slides right out of the messy stress ball. It might be long or short, but it just slides right out. I want you to realize that this tangled up mess of stress might come unraveled easier than you thought because that thread just slid right out.

Now slowly reach out and steadily pull on another end of thread and slide that one out.

You don’t necessarily have to keep in mind that this is a ball of your specific stress. You can just relax and slowly reach out and pull another thread out. Pulling out thread after thread and taking your time just sliding these threads out of the ball. Just the act of doing this is relaxing and enjoyable.

You will notice after a while that the ball itself is getting smaller, that the tightness has loosened, and there are less and less threads to pull out and there is more and more space between each thread and in the ball in general.

Each thread you pull out leaves the ball more deflated and less tangled.

Until finally you pull the last thread and it is completely gone.

Once it is gone just sit in gratitude and feel good about your life. Feel how different your body and mind feel now that you have done this simple exercise.

I love how simple this exercise is and I love how effective it is as well! 🙂

Have a beautiful day.


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