Welcome to your Wednesday Meditation!!! 🙂 (Or any other day of the week…)

For this meditation you’ll go through your basic relaxation and centering. If you are new to mediation READ THIS FIRST. 🙂 (And then come back and play.) It includes a basic relaxation technique that you can use to start all your meditations.

Here we go! :

After you are relaxed and centered, imagine a light in your heart like a flame. It’s in the center of your chest. See it there and feel the love you have in your heart. Feel a feeling of helping and love. Send positive feelings and words into that flame and watch the flame devour them and become empowered with those intentions.

You could see the word PEACE in your mind and then feed it to that flame so that the flame now has the feeling and all the things that make up the actual intention and power of PEACE. You can send anything into this flame that is loving and helpful. It can be about people or about animals or about the planet. Get creative, feel the love and play with this for a while.

Once you feel good about everything you’ve empowered the flame with you’re going to turn that flame up and make it grow. On every breath in you are going to take in positive power from the universe and energy/chi around you and with every breath out you are going to breathe into that flame and make it grow.

The flame first grows within you and fills you, then the flame is shining out from you. The flame grows and grows with each breath. Continue doing this for as long as it takes to grow the flame until it is bursting from you like the sun and spreading across the entire Earth. Then you can picture this flame from space and see your flame of love and good intentions glowing the entire Earth and then shining out into the solar system brighter and brighter until you don’t even know where it ends.

Feel all of the feelings and intentions that you fed to the flame now go out into the world. Feel all of those things going into the people and animals and plants and oceans. Feel it feeding everything in it’s path with all of that love. Feel the Earth and everything in it breathing in and pulsating with that love.

Spend some time in that space, and then gradually bring that flame back into your heart. Feel it coming back into you slowly and picture it melting away from the land and Earth and then back into the room with you and finally into your heart. But this time it’s brighter and lighter and fills you up more.

Take a few moments to reflect on everything that you saw and felt.

Thank the Universe or god or whatever you feel is out there, and then come back to yourself and conclude your meditation.

Feel free to share your experience with me below in the comments. I hope you had fun and have a wonderful day.

Namaste ~*Sara*~

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