#meditation for a broken heart

We’ve all been there – broken-hearted and feeling so alone. Sometimes the pain can actual feel physical because our emotional body is in so much distress. We need to heal those nerves and get back to a place where we feel whole and okay without the other person.

Get centered in your meditative place. If you need a place like that inside then use my beginner meditation first. CLICK HERE and then come back and play. 🙂

Play the track below or copy and paste the title and go to “file” and “save” to enjoy on another device:

Once you are calm and peaceful imagine your heart beating inside your chest. Picture it in your mind.

See it there beating or imagine a heart. Maybe you can see something is wrong with it, or maybe it just feels super sad. Allow that feeling to come. You can let the flood gates open or you can just allow a slow trickle. Whatever feels good to you. It’s important to not be scared or push down that sadness.

Now I want you to imagine yourself facing your own body. You can see inside to your heart and see it just like you did a moment ago. Use your hands and picture them surrounded by pink light. Your hands are glowing like crazy with pink light. Feel that light on your hands and then reach out to touch your heart.

Paint that pink light onto your heart and imagine you are calming and healing it. Feel the soothing love coming into your heart as you paint it. Maybe it feels warm, maybe it is cool and calming, whatever sensations you feel are good and right and are working to heal your heart.

Once your heart is completely covered in pink light just hold it cupped in both of your hands.

Imagine a time when you felt content and whole and okay when you were not in a relationship. Good childhood memories work well for this. Take that feeling and imagine it going into your heart cupped in your hands.

Think of many times when you witnessed love. Someone being kind to an animal, someone helping a small child, people coming together to help a community in need, anything you can think of, and as many things as you can think of. Imagine the loving helpful kind energy from all of those things going into your heart and healing it.

Love your own heart. Feel the feeling of being okay right now.

Even if you can’t feel it right now – just KNOW that you will feel whole and okay again soon.

Allow yourself to remain in this place as long as you need to. Remember that if its painful you don’t have to do it for very long to reap the benefits. If you just want to do 3 minutes per day because it feels intense, that is completely fine!

Over time you will feel whole again. You will feel so much better. Your focus will shift more and more to your own goals in life and you will be able to enjoy yourself fully even though that person is not in your life any more. Sometimes this can even happen from just doing this exercise ONE TIME!

Love yourself – you deserve it!!


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