This meditation can be used for painful relationships as well as relationships that are great! It benefits you as much as the other person and can magically change a relationship for the better.

First get centered and happy and full of love. You can do my beginning meditation to get to this inner place. CLICK HERE to learn that meditation and then come back here to play. 🙂

Once you are full of love imagine yourself surrounded by pink light. Picture the pink light glowing out from your heart and then getting bigger and bigger until it is outside of you and you are in a bubble of pink loving light.

You can also use pink quartz as a stone near you or in your hand for this meditation if you like.

Once you are surrounded by pink light imagine yourself in a wonderful memory. Think back to a time when you felt really loved. See that version of yourself surrounded by the pink light and imagine yourself outside yourself in your peaceful place in your mind today.

With that self present and ready imagine the person you want to work on your relationship with – or you can allow anyone to pop up to receive the pink light treatment. Imagine them standing in front of your self.

Take your hand and paint them with the pink loving light. I have heard this described as icing a cake and I love that idea!

You will know when they are “done” and you can then move on to another person.

You could do this every day for just a few moments during your meditation practice. (Be sure to leave time for silent open time during your meditation time too.)

Sometimes after I have done this meditation people seem more open or nice to me, and once in a while a relationship changes completely and becomes instantly better. We are all powerful beings – and meditation is a powerful practice – AND love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. This meditation is SUPER powerful – and its fun so let it be super fun!


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