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This is a wonderfully healing meditation. It requires a little more creativity and imagination on your part, but you’ll get the idea. It can also be very emotional. Only you know how far/deep into this meditation you want to go. You have every right to say that you want to be done, and you have every right to post pone this meditation until you feel ready.

Remember you can always set a time limit and come out of it if you need a rest. And there is no stopping you from doing this meditation tomorrow – so when you say goodbye to your person just know they will always be there to call on when you want to talk again. 🙂

This meditation absolutely requires the beginner’s meditation to start you off. The beginner’s meditation will create for you a place inside where you can meditate. Essentially – we all have a space set aside for meditating in the physical world, this beginner’s meditation will give you a place *inside* where you also meditate. So you are in your meditation space in the outer world and also in your own personal inner world.

It is very pleasant and comforting. You can always go there for anything you need in life. Trust me when I say this is the most amazing meditation you will ever do, and it will build your meditation practice to a new level.

CLICK HERE to go learn it (and also read some awesome research about meditation) and then come back and play.

So to start this meditation I want you to go through your door, and walk down to your tree and sit in your meditation “chair.” Stay there and just focus on your breathing for a little while as you get very relaxed and in a sacred space.

Next I want you to think of the person that you want to connect with in heaven or on the other side – however you think of the afterlife. Picture familiar clothes or jewelry they wore a lot, a certain scent that reminds you of them, and just generally start thinking about them and all the things that remind you of them.

Now I want you to look up the hill where you walked down to your tree and see them walking down to you with a HUGE smile on their face.

Picture them getting closer and maybe when they see you they wave and smile even bigger, and maybe they even start to run to you.

You can feel free to stand up and run to them too if you’d like, or you can stay seated in your chair. This is your meditation – do what you like!

Picture them coming to sit with you. Maybe there is another chair there or maybe you are sitting somewhere that there is room for two people. Feel free to greet them as you normally would – with a hug or kiss or shake their hand. Whatever would have been normal for you to do in this life.

Now they are sitting with you and this is where your own imagination will take over. Talk with them about anything you want to!! Tell them how you are feeling. Talk about their passing, or maybe their illness. Tell them anything that you feel was left unsaid. Tell them about your life now and you can even ask them about things! You may be surprised by the answers that come.

Stay here as long as you like, but remember that this kind of thing can be emotionally draining. You can always have another meeting at a different time so that you can rest and reflect on what happened.

When you are finished bid them farewell – until next time. Say goodbye as you normally would – and keep in mind that this goodbye is NOT a forever goodbye. This goodbye is just until you want to do this meditation again. You may feel sad and relive some of the emotion of their passing and that is okay too. Just say to them, and to yourself, “I’ll see you tomorrow,” or “I’ll talk to you again soon.” And you’ll have more of a sense that they are with you and still available to you on this new level.

My intention for this meditation is to give you your own personal window to healing and also maintaining a healthy attachment to a loved one who is in the afterlife. Take care of yourself when doing this meditation, it is a tool to foster deep healing and a deeper understanding of the afterlife and our real and continued connection to those we love.

Namaste – Sara


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