We all have a guide in this life, and some have more than one! You may have more guides at one time and then just one again at another time. This guide is there to help us and to hint us along on this journey of our life.

This meditation will give you some insight into who your guide is!

So just sit back and relax and get to your inner door and then into your meditation place. (If you don’t have your door yet and have no clue what I’m talking about GO HERE FIRST and then come back and play.)

Once you are relaxed and focused on your breathing all you really have to do is give out the intention from your heart and ask who’s there. In your mind think about the idea of a guide or guardian angel and then talk to them and say, “I’d like to know who you are!”

You will start to perceive some kind of imagery. You may be outside your body looking at yourself, or you may have some images that come into your mind. Just be calm and allow these images to take form. Everything that you “see” or feel is your guide showing you who they are. Just take it in.

Sitting in calmness is most of this meditation. It is a receiving/being meditation, not so much a doing anything meditation. Never underestimate the power of a being meditation. We don’t do enough just being and receiving in this life. So just allow yourself to be, and breath, and see what happens. 🙂

Your guide may reveal themselves to you in one session, but for some people it may take several. This all has to do with the cooperative energy exchange that has to happen in order for us to realize who our guide is. Sometimes they keep showing us and we keep missing it. Sometimes we have a set idea in our mind about who or what it “should” be and then we get in our own way.

I’ll share with you how I was in my own way with my guide for a long time!

So I did meditations like this one and always was wondering who my guide was. I could definitely sense them near me. They definitely helped me whenever I called on them and also when I didn’t. And they gave me signs in real life all the time – to a crazy extent! (Which I found out later.) But in my mind I couldn’t “SEE” them. It was the strangest thing. No matter how long I sat in meditation I never saw them. Instead I would sense this grayish human like form with no face or features. Like the avatar that shows up where you’re supposed to put your profile picture on a website or message board before you put your own image in there. Just an outline.

So then I went to a metaphysical fair and met Molly Friedenfeld and all was revealed! She is an angel intuitive. She does angel readings and all kinds of fun things with this aspect of our spiritual lives. She is amazing and I loved her instantly! So she gave a talk and to start her talk she did a little guided meditation.

She led us to a place in our minds where we were out in nature and specifically the mountains. She then says, “Just turn your head to the right and look and see what’s there.” So in my mind I do this and I see this crazy happy hummingbird just going BONKERS. It’s flitting around like an insane thing and I am getting that it is unbelievably happy about what’s going on right now. I almost laughed out loud because this little creature was so happy. It was as if it was saying, “I’m here! I’m Here!!! Here I am!!”

So then Molly says, “This is your spirit guide.”

HELLO!!!! I thought it was going to be a PERSON! All these years!!!!

I truly have no clue what it means that a hummingbird is my guide but there it is! 🙂 I have always relied on hummingbirds showing up to show me the way. If the hummingbirds start to show up I am on the right track. I even got a hummingbird tattoo in 2014 so that I would always remember that they are my beacon.

So duh! Big duh!

So I was in my own way a little by having the paradigm that it would be a person. No harm was done, I just didn’t get it for a couple years! So be really open when you do this meditation. Your guide has probably revealed themselves to you already and you just haven’t recognized that is what was happening. 🙂

Have fun!


PS: Here’s Molly’s site: http://www.mollyfriedenfeld.com/


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