past lives reincarnationI am so curious about Past Lives!

I was on the fence for a long time about whether or not I believed in past lives, I just wasn’t quite sure about it, I needed to read and research more. I picked up a few books and started talking with friends and family about it.

My dad believes firmly in reincarnation and has read a lot about it. I definitely feel like I have some clues that point to having had past lives. And when I read the book Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, Ph. D. I became a believer. My new found belief was cemented when I took my hypnotherapist certification. My teach is a well respected hypnotherapist and he just said, “Get used to it. Get your head around it now. You will encounter it, for sure.”

I’ve always felt really drawn to Asian food, like, obsessed! And I have dreams that I am Asian and actually live in a small fishing town along some cliffs. I also have some talents that I cannot account for. One of which is being a professional horse woman and never having had a lesson in my life. I took a Dressage class with some girlfriends last summer and didn’t skip a beat. I was asked where I ride/show. (I have never shown horses or ridden Dressage style in my life.) I do attribute part of that with my ability to connect with and communicate with animals. But people work for years to be able to hold their bodies just right and move in certain particular ways that seem to be “in my blood.”

I asked my guide to lead me to someone who could regress me to my past lives and within a few days I was lead to a friend who I had no clue was a practicing hypnotherapist, and he even knew my teacher! I’m going to set up an appointment with him very soon. 🙂 Can’t wait!

I actually wanted to see if I could book an appointment with Michael Newton but he is no longer practicing. I would have booked years in advance and I don’t even like to think what I would have paid. 🙂

SO! Have you ever been regressed? Do you believe in past lives? Tell me all your stories!

Thanks for being here.


*~Remember, you are already well.~*

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