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Most people today have heard of the Law of Attraction. Or the idea that in quantum physics our focus and expectation have a huge impact on the world and our own reality. And the law that like attracts like as far as energy and emotions go.

But is it real? Even those stead fast believers who have seen it work in their own lives still ask this from time to time. So I decided to research it!

Here are the conclusions I came to:

Emotions – Emotions are more than just feelings isolated inside our own minds. Your experience is not isolated. Your thoughts about anything in particular can find like-minded people who feel that same way. Our emotions have an outer energy that people and animals can pick up on. Our emotions have the potential therefore to sculpt our actual world. The world viewed when depressed is a lot different than the world viewed when happy so therefore they also have a HUGE impact on our perception or reality.

Like Attracts Like – your own dominant message, in emotions, is what you will attract into your own reality. And it is also what you will experience.

If your dominant inner message is sad or you are telling yourself the story of a victim – that is what you will experience. The actions you take and the people you want to be around when you are in that state are all going to be subconsciously or consciously chosen and all of those things conspire to keep you in the state that you are in.

If you are happy and optimistic you are going to have different actions and reactions. You are going to surround yourself with different types of people than you would if you are down – and all of THOSE things will again conspire to keep you in the state you’re in.

There was a time in my life where I was walking around and my dominant message was, “I am not good enough.” I didn’t realize it at the time but the people I was surrounding myself with and my actions were all playing into that role. And when the role changed to, “I am good enough” some things and people had to go. They were a part of the other story. Even though I had changed, and the people around me were good people who may or may not have been thinking I was not good enough, that is all I could see in them. It had a huge impact on my perception of reality.

So keeping our personal energy in a positive state is just good housekeeping! We all take showers in the morning or after we’ve gotten dirty right!? Well, I think of the practice of positive feelings just the same way. So this Law of Attraction stuff is part of that optimistic mind set that I can see is definitely a real thing.

Through my research I have found that some of our world’s greatest minds have all believed in the Law of Attraction or some form of it. Not least of which are Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein! Who can argue with that!?

Personal energy instead of wishing for things etc…

“[it is] not wishing for something and thinking about it and focusing on it, it’s about understanding and perhaps changing our personal energy,”

By Denise Mann

Much of the controversy and complaint of the LOA is directly from the book and movie The Secret, and for good reason. While there are a few good points in the book is doesn’t take an expert to see that this was just good marketing. People who wanted to make money. They’re not bad people, but their intention of doing good is clearly secondary to the number one goal which was to make a ton of cash.

Here is just one article I read that tries to debunk all of LOA by focusing on The Secret and has little of its own credible sources…

“First, Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret, has no scientific background or training whatsoever. She is a television producer and writer. She claims she based her book on another book published in 1910, called The Science of Getting Rich. Unfortunately, the author of that book, Wallace Wattles, did not have any science background either. He was a farm laborer. Therefore, the two books on which the Law of Attraction is based were both written by people who had/have no understanding of quantum physics.

‘The Secret’ Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work: Here’s Proof

Added by Rebecca Savastio on February 21, 2014.

But this same person, siting a “real physicist” (her sited person is NOT a quantum physicist – or a physicist at all! On his own site it states that he is an ‘author, philosopher, educator, science advocate…’) says that quantum physicists don’t believe in the Law of Attraction. She states, “Consciousness does not affect reality.” The other “real” scientist she sites is a neuroscientist. Also, not a quantum physicist.

If you have studied quantum physics even a little you will know that the science itself developed with the discovery when scientists witnessed quantum particles which seemed to have unique properties ONLY affected by the person perceiving them. The mysterious particles were everywhere and then when someone focused – and only then – would they appear to be in one place – the exact place the person was focused or expected them to be.

So in fact one of the MAJOR tenets of Quantum Physics is that consciousness does have some kind of real and quantifiable – widely accepted – impact on reality.

Most of what I have studied has come from the renowned scientist, Stephen Hawking.

So the author of this article is clearly denouncing Stephen Hawking (not to mention Albert Einstein!) as a real scientist. …this gives me pause. 🙂

“Experiments in quantum mechanics show that when we observe particles, they stop moving in random directions, as if they notice that they are being observed.

Both spirituality and science do now agree that we are a part of one holistic energy source that alters depending on how we observe the world.

For thousands of years before quantum mechanics, people have experienced this and called it the law of attraction; namely that our perceptions and emotions, whether coming from our Higher Self (the best of us) or a much lower self, are directly shaping the reality of the world we are experiencing.

Stephen Hawking states,

‘So what drove this cosmic clockwork? I’d say it was the force of gravity. All objects attract each other. All things come together through the power of gravity. Gravity was created in the Big Bang and has been at work ever since.'”

BAM! Take that! 🙂
“Stephen Hawking and Richard Feynman both speak in terms of M Theory and String Theory to further postulate how thoughts become matter. Our minds are essentially idea machines that refine our thoughts into electrical impulses which communicate with the same source energy that creates everything from nothing.”

“Richard Davidson at University of Wisconsin spent the last 30 years measuring brain waves and ascribing a consciousness level using an electroencephalograph. His research showed clear and direct correlation between brain waves and the way we all look at our life: From low frequency thinkers who feel as though they are constantly being victimized, to the self-actualized intellects whose brain waves vibrate at an extremely high frequency and are filled to the brim with information. Again, reinforcing ‘our thoughts create our circumstances.'”

So there is a CLEAR and quantifiable difference in the brains of these two kinds of people! They may or may not be using the LOA but they sure are more expecting of good things, and more creative and motivated about life. AND THEY ARE SUCCESSFUL.

I truly dislike The Secret for sensationalizing this law. So many people will rightly denounce Rhonda Byrne for good reason and throw the theory out with it. But that is a sad shame. There are many great scientists and “real” physicists who do believe and have proven it over and over again through many different experiments that come together beautifully to point to the same thing – we indeed create the world we live in and it literally cannot be any other way.

Amit Goswami is a leader in research in this field. He is very credible and his movie is leaps and bounds better that The Secret. Perhaps because it was created to communicate and share this information with the intention of improving people’s lives and the world. Not with the primary intention to make money, as was The Secret.

I have never told another person to watch or read The Secret even though I have, many times. I like it but I know a lot more of the science behind it. I can skim over the hype and get to the thread of the real message only because I know it.

What I tell people to watch is the documentary The Quantum Activist.
It has real science, from a real and credible scientist. If you wish the LOA was real – it is –  go watch that movie and you will see. If you know the LOA is real and want a good way to tell others about it – this movie will be the thing you tell people to go watch.

So to conclude my research of if the LOA is real, I find that there is a LOT of science out there pointing to the fact that it is real. I also found a lot of naysayers and people that want to debunk it as fake. I found flaws in every single one of their articles. Most of which were just angry and didn’t have any good actual points at all.

Take care!

Sara Murray

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