We’ve been exploring Reiki – a healing art using qi, life force energy, and touch this week. So what I really wanted to know when I set out on this topic (and before I paid money to get my own Reiki training) was – does it work? Is it real?

I think there are great powers and miraculous things in this world that we can learn about and use to benefit ourselves and others. I also think there is a lot of fake garbage out there!

So I went on my trusted resource – Google Scholar (where you can read and research actual peer reviewed experiments and case studies about anything – you’re welcome to my fellow research addicts!) and found what there was to find.

Many of the papers and experiments comment on the lack of experiments and also lack of quantifiable proof of this energy. Although some recent developments in quantum physics has pointed us in a better direction I can tell you right now you have your own proof of qi, or life force energy. Your heart beats only because of the electrical current running through it. Your brain functions only because of the elegant passage and exchange of chemicals and electricity inside it. You manipulate this energy all the time and don’t even realize it because it’s all around and inside you.

Here is a basic correlation that was experimented with just to try to get anything (super hard science) on the books that would prove that people who took Reiki practitioner training had changed in some way compared to a control group who did not actually have the training:

“Using Krieger’s protocol for hemoglobin studies within the context of Therapeutic Touch, forty-eight adults participating in First Degree Reiki Training were tested. Findings revealed a statistically significant change in the hemoglobin and hematocrit levels of the participants at the P =.01 level. A comparable control group, not experiencing the training, demonstrated no change within an identical time frame. Further research is necessary to clarify the physiologic effects of touch healing.”

Reiki Healing: A Physiologic Perspective

Wendy S. Wetzel

In another highly technical experiment that was done in order to get some quantitative data about seizure disorders shocked experimenters when it showed a significant result:

… “Reiki-like healing practices in refractory epilepsy results in a reduction in seizure frequency.” …

Kumar R A, Kurup P A. Changes in the isoprenoid pathway with transcendental meditation and Reiki healing practices in seizure disorder . Neurol India 2003;51:211-4

And yet another paper states in conclusion to its significant findings that

“Reaserch demonstrates that spiritual or religious experiences are positively related to physical health, and that an awareness of spirituality is a source of well-being. According to Hiatt, spirituality is as important as medication, hospitalization, or surgery because the spiritual elements of experience help us to rise above the matters at hand such that in the face of suffering we can find purpose, meaning, and hope. Despite numerous attempts to understand the phenomenon of energetic healing as a form of spiritual healing and despite the number of significant findings in energetic healing research, it remains overlooked as a viable therapy by the mainstream medical community.”

Adina Goldman Shore. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine10.3 (May/Jun 2004): 42-8.

I’ve tried to pick the most scientifically significant and hard-science based articles and experiments that I could in order to illustrate the REALITY of this healing technique. There are many many more articles and experiments out there about it. Researching this week’s topic was an absolute joy!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week as much as I have.

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