Monday morning musing…

What if soul mates do not enter our lives to make them easier? What if your soul mate is not here to be your love of a lifetime “forever?”

What if your soul mate instead, is the person who helps you grow and discover your purpose and fulfill your purpose here on Earth more than anyone else can? What if you made a pact before you got here that you would push each other and help each other level up spiritually?

Sure, soul mates can be together during this lifetime for many years or even “forever.” But more often than not they are in our lives during critical or pivotal times and then are gone again.

Comfort and understanding are such good feelings, but there is complacency in comfort. It is extremely rare that huge growth or major life changing moments come from being in our comfort zone. They come from urgency and pain – discomfort almost always gives way to change. Without that discomfort we would never change or grow! And who but your soul mate who’s known you for lifetimes and will know you after this life passes too – to bring that sort of growth and change into your life.

I definitely believe in soul mates and soul families.

I believe there are certain souls whom we have been with in lifetimes past and continue to choose to be with lifetime after lifetime.

But just because one of these souls comes into and then out of your life it doesn’t mean that something went drastically wrong.

It may just mean that you’ve fulfilled your pact with each other, and now it’s time to learn other things.


What are your thoughts on this?? Leave comments below!


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