Do you have a spiritual gift that you’re scared of?? I do…

I see and sense spirits from time to time and it scares the $%^& out of me! Most of the time I am ignoring things or shutting myself down from it. I would love to open up more but seriously – it makes me so jumpy!!!

I know other people who have spiritual gifts that scare them as well. I started this post mainly as a way to talk about this more.

I am always looking for suggestions and ways to handle this sort of thing.

I sometimes envision a volume control dial in my mind and try to just turn it down a little, not all the way off. Then inevitably something happens and I picture that volume control in my mind and I turn it down all the way as fast and as hard as I can!

Lets talk about this! Share your experiences in the comments below. (Comments are moderated before posting so have no fear of the trolls!)

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