Traditional religions are chalk full of talismans and symbols and tons and tons of objects to buy. There are whole stores just devoted to one religion’s things for your home and gifts etc…

So what about spirituality without religion? There are some things out there but not many. I asked my mom one time, “Why do we forget so easily and get off track?” I think it’s because it is common in this society to be inundated with religious symbolism but it is much lass common for us to see reminders and symbolism for purely spiritual means.

I would love to hear what people put in their own homes as reminders or symbols of your own spirituality. Things that remind you that there is a higher way of living, that we are spiritual beings, that we may or may not have guides or protectors or other beings around us. Things that remind us to breathe and meditate.

I’ll share some of my own:

Since I was about 22 I have identified with humming birds. My life hit a turning point and humming birds and seeing them as well as images of them became my light house. They are my way of knowing I am on the right path. And I have needed them desperately, and they have always been there.

When I was hitting my rough patch at 22 I found this stone when I was hiking one day in northern Minnesota. Shortly after that I watched a documentary on humming bird migration – which is truly phenomenal by the way! At that point they became a huge inspiration to keep going even if I feel like I have no clue what I’m doing or where I’m going.

spiritual talisman

There have been two times in my life when I have though that I lost that stone. I had always joked about getting a tattoo of it so that I can’t lose it and last March I did.

spiritual tattoo

I believe that we all have guides. I also believe that there are other entities around us that we some times perceive and most of the time can’t. I don’t think of them as angels, but some people do. My grandma certainly did, and she visits me often. This angel statue was hers and I keep it to remind me of my connection with her on the other side as well as to remind me of my own guide.

spiritual figure

(No clue why some of these are not right-side-up…) 🙂


Throughout the years I have collected other small objects that help me stay centered spiritually. I keep a handful of them on my desk where I work.

Spiritual talisman

The red rock is from Garden of the Gods in Colorado. I went walking there fall of 2013 and it was just a beautiful day in nature with someone I love. I like to think some of the energy of that day is there in that stone.

The pink stone is from my daughter and reminds me that I am still a child inside in many ways, and to not become too much of a grown up. 🙂

The Canada flag is from a crazy hard time in my life. It involved living in Canada and being extremely poor, and also getting deported from Canada. When I have a hard day I look at that flag and I know nothing will be as hard as living in Canada at that time in my life! All the days are good days now compared to that!!

I’m on the constant lookout to find more things to remind me of my spirituality, and that there is real magic in this world.

I would love to hear what you all use. Please leave a comment and share that with me.

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