An epiphany came to me last night while I was watching Waking Life (what a cool movie!).

A quantum physicist was explaining quantum potential and string theory – the idea that there are several different potential realities in our future and all of these things is possible until they all collapse for various reasons and it suddenly goes down to one point that becomes manifest as reality.

Through other research I’ve done I’ve read that our intention/expectation when watching quantum particles affects how they act. (A group of scientists was conditioned to expect that the particles would behave one way and when they observed them that is what they did, another group of scientists was conditioned to expect the particles to do something else and they did that something else!)

And also that giving attention to something usually will cause it to grow or expand in some way.

These two ideas converged in my mind as I was listening to this physicist and BAM! The Law of Attraction in hard science.

Here is how and why the Law of Attraction works:

Out before us in the “future” are all the potential futures we could have, each one represented by a single point that has yet to manifest into reality as we know it.

When we give our attention, intention, and expectation to one of those outcomes it gets stronger than the rest. Doing this over time makes that potential so strong that when time catches up to it – that is the point that is most likely for all the other potentials to collapse down to.

Now, there may be other larger forces at work which we know nothing about – which would possibly make other outcomes stronger, but if there isn’t then that stronger point would be the one to manifest.

So NOW when I use the “Law of Attraction” in my mind and meditations I see spread out before me all these points of light, all the potential realities. I look out there and see the one I want and imagine what it feels like when that reality becomes manifest.

For instance if I wanted a larger house. I would see the point field before me and then imagine the larger house. I would imagine I was walking through it and I would imagine every detail about it and also HOW I FEEL (emotion is powerful so feel the joy and happiness of this reality) when I realize this is my house.

At the same time I would imagine that point in the field getting brighter than the rest, and gradually all the other points joining and converging down to that one possibility until it is manifest.

I use the Law of Attraction all the time, but if you know me you know I love science and hard facts as well. I could not be more excited to add this new layer to my intention setting and meditations.

I almost had to write the post immediately when I saw that section of the movie!

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to get a discussion going about it! ~*Sara*~

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