near death experiencesI love talking about near death experiences! Amazing things happen during these experiences and they are so validating and usually leave people with peace and even knowing much more about their own lives.

I am listening to a show on hosted by Angels Hartfield, with a guest, Karen. Karen was sharing her near death experience and it was a great story that incorporated so many topics! She was aware of knowing more about her family and the souls they were and the larger role they played in her life. She was aware of being a part of everything. In fact she had a hard time describing that because she said she was not so much a *part* of everything, but that she was everything!

I have never had a near death experience, and I have never knowing anyone who has had one. I am sensitive to people who have already passed, and my soul mate/SO is aware/sensitive to the energy of a person who might be in danger or going to die. So we are both very aware of death on either side of it.

I also love the book Journey of Souls, by Michael Newton, Ph. D. If you want to read an amazing book about what one man and his hypnosis clients claim to have discovered while regressing to the in between time (between lives) this is a really fun book. Some neat ideas, some of which really ring true to me.

Let’s talk about your near death experiences!

I would love to get a discussion going about near death experiences below. If you’ve had one or have a story about one please share it with us!!! (I approve all comments by hand so no trolls will get through, feel free to share openly in a safe forum.)

If you have resources that you like that have to do with near death experiences please share that as well, and I will start a resource list for the topic and add the links to this post as they come in.


Know that you are already well.

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